3 Delicious BLT Sandwiches By Nolechek's

3 Delicious BLT Sandwiches By Nolechek's

Everybody loves a classic BLT, but we're here to kick it up a notch with these 3 fantastic variations. Let's dive right in!

1. Shrimp BLT

Surf n' turf BLT anyone? Imagine combining our oh-so crispy bacon with a rich and juicy layer of grilled shrimp. Add glaze to those bad boys to make it that much more tasty. We highly recommend this BLT for shrimp lovers!

2. Salmon BLT

Salmon might not seem like an obvious choice for a BLT. However, the soft, fatty and buttery nature of the salmon pairs perfectly with our crispy bacon. Give this one a go, and try out some ciabatta bread to really bring out that flavor. 

3. Waffle BLT

Last but not least, if you love breakfast and lunch, why not combine the two? Waffles make for a perfect BLT sandwich. In fact, if you're feeling that ambitious, try this dish with some maple syrup! Sweet and savory goes perfect for a waffle and bacon sandwich. 

We hope that you enjoyed today's blogg on 3 Delicious BLT Sandwiches By Nolechek's. Try one, try all, but don't forget to stock up on your bacon here

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