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10 Must Eat Bacon Dishes by Nolechek's

There's no right way to eat Nolechek's bacon... instead, there are a bunch of different ways to enjoy our premium, top-quality slices. In this post, we'll be telling you about 10 must eat bacon dishes that'll guarantee your stomach to rumble by the time you finish reading this blog! 

1. Bacon Onion Rings

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Nolechek's bacon + onions = match made in heaven! You can never go wrong with good ol' classic bacon-wrapped onion rings. Order your bacon and get cooking by clicking here.

2. Breakfast Sandwiches

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A toasted bagel topped with the finest slice of cheddar, a perfectly cooked omelette, and of course Nolechek's BACON, is an excellent go-to breakfast.   Order your bacon and make the perfect breakfast today by clicking here.

3. Bacon & Egg Cups

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Elevate your egg breakfast with a simple bacon cup! We promise it's a recipe worth trying. Order your bacon and get that oven fired up by clicking here.

4. Hasselback potatoes

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Who doesn't love a good Hasselback potato? Especially when its oozing with cheese and the finest bacon around town! Order your bacon and get potato-ing by clicking here.

5. Bourbon Bacon Brittle

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Channel your inner sweet tooth and unleash your fancy culinary side with a spectacular Bourbon Bacon Brittle dish!  Order your bacon and get brittlin' by clicking here.

6. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Calling all chocolate lovers! This dish is for YOU. Chocolate chip cookies... and bacon? Now that's what I'm talking about! Order your bacon and get cookie-ing (ha!) By clicking here.

7. Bacon-wrapped Shrimp

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Love seafood? Love bacon? Then you've gotta love bacon-wrapped shrimp. What a combo! Order your bacon and get shrimpin' by clicking here.

8. Bacon Mac & Cheese

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Ahh, yes, another classic: skillet bacon mac & cheese. We're convinced that there just isn't a better duo than tons of cheese, and tons of Nolechek's bacon!  Order your bacon and get mac-and-cheesing today by clicking here.

9. Bacon & Egg Pizza

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Attention pizza lovers! Take your breakfast pizza game up a notch with an egg, cheese, and bacon pizza that'll knock your friends and family's socks off.  Order your bacon and get pizza-ing by clicking here.

10. Bacon Jam 

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Last but certainly not least, you don't need to go to a fancy restaurant to get your hands on bacon jam! In fact, all you need is Nolechek's bacon to get started.  Order your bacon and get jamming by clicking here.

To conclude, there are a ton of bacon recipes out there that can spice up your life, and we encourage you to be inventive in the kitchen and create your own dishes! (Oh, and we almost forgot to ask: hungry yet?) Thanks for reading!