In recognition of the legacy that began when Doc Nolechek purchased the Thorp Locker Plant & Soda Fountain. It has been nothing short of an honor to work with the best of the best and share our products with the most amazing people from all over the country. To carry on the tradition of creating relationships and memories through shared food experiences, while staying true to our core values of customer service and attention to detail, has been a blessing. We are humbled by the countless people who supported us and are grateful for the opportunity to share our passion and live the American Dream for 71 years and four generations.

We value every one of you and are beyond thankful for the memories
Our customers are what made our business so special, and you will be missed.

The Nolechek Family - Kelly, Lindsey & Chad
Romans 5: 1-4

A Message from the Nolechek Family

Our retail is permanently closed and Nolechek's products are no longer available.

104 N. Washington Street | Thorp, WI 54771